Saturday, February 15, 2014

Love and bacon

We postponed our Valentine's day family celebration until this morning. Heart shaped waffles with whipped cream, raspberries and chocolate chips and bacon...
Because everyone knows bacon equals love.
As I spent time writing notes to hubby and the kids, I was reminded of the fact that while V-day is a good time to remember how/why we love the people we do life with, it shouldn't be the only time we celebrate that love. I use to be good at writing notes to the kids. In fact, when they were younger I kept a journal for each of them, writing down milestones, thoughts, observations and prayers for their lives. When did that stop? Why did it stop? I could come up with a hundred reasons, but truthfully they would all sound pretty lame.
Like getting up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning to make breakfast and decorate the table in pink and red, love is a VERB! It doesn't merely express an emotion. In fact, it's when we equate love with emotions that we end up on trouble. The reality of it is I don't always FEEL loving towards my family. Chalk it up to hormones, lack of sleep, never ending to-do lists or whatever, but the truth of it is selfishness plain and simple. Love takes laying down my needs/wants in place of theirs. It takes sacrifice. It takes biting my tongue when I want to respond, ironing the shirt when I'm tired, not having the last word, doing the dishes and laundry for the millionth time and knowing it won't be the last. 
Real love requires something of me. Sometimes we get lazy and our excuses become lame.  We forget the importance of letting people know what they mean to us. Since we aren't guaranteed tomorrow maybe it's time we put a little Valentines day into every day of the year.
After all, who couldn't use more bacon?

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