Friday, January 24, 2014

Parenting - Letting go...just a little

He saunters off, hat on backwards and backpack slung over his shoulder.  As I watch him go I realize a large part of my heart is walking away with him.  My 6'3" son, my baby, started his second semester of college this morning.  I'm really not sure yet how I feel about it all.  Yes, I know we raise them for this moment, but I'm still trying to figure out how we got from birth to this point so quickly.  Where did the time go? Being in the middle of diapers, discipline, temper tantrums and the chaos of little ones, you think these days will never come...but they do. One day you turn around and there in place of your little boy stands a man ready to face the world.

And so with a hug and a lot of prayer I let go...just a little.  So very thankful that when we let go of them, God never will.  He's got this.


  1. College!? It does seem far away from my vantage point. I'm sure it's hard to let go. My poor mother had to put me on a plane to fly to a whole other continent for college.
    Great picture of him- so handsome!

  2. A wonderful post! When we prayed for Austin yesterday it really started to sink in that Austin is truly a young man. He is not a boy anymore which makes me sad, but I am more excited that he is a Godly young man with a fantastic future ahead of him!

  3. Hi there! I'm creating a blogroll of blogs that blog (at least occasionally) about homeschooling high school. ( I came across yours today and would LOVE to add it. If you would consider this, could you email me? Thanks in advance! Blessings...


  4. I'll be there this fall. Mixed feelings. *sigh*
    For right now, she's sitting two feet away from me doing homework. I'll enjoy her closeness today. :)

  5. We people think our babies not grow up but its not true abslutely right they stand where we stand a long time ago. When our baby was in a baby trolley. Time goes very soon but we think we are almost there where we stand at the time of birth of our baby.


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