Homemaking Thoughts

January 1997, 3:30 a.m.

I sat nursing my newborn son while outside the rain beat down and the wind howled around the corner of the house.  I was a brand new stay at home mom and found myself at a loss as to what that was suppose to look like.  I had no real homemaking skills.  Let me emphasis the word NONE.  Our first little apartment had a galley kitchen with a door that closed it off from the rest of the space.  We didn't need to do dishes too often - we'd just shut the door.  In fact, I would only do dishes when we ran out of things to eat on, or something started to stink.  To say my homemaking skills were lacking would be an understatement.

The reason that one night sticks in my head is because of the prayer that accompanied the raindrops.  As I snuggled my sweet baby, I sat reading a book by renowned painter Thomas Kinkade.  In it he referred to his wife as a "creative homemaker".  I repeated the phrase again and again.  For some reason it resonated with me.  Resonated someplace deep in my spirit.  I remember praying, "LORD, I don't know what a "creative homemaker" is, I don't know what that looks like and I certainly don't have any idea how to become one, but I want to.  Please help.  Show me what to do."

I marvel at how He has answered that prayer, uttered on a cold, wet night by a brand new, totally inexperienced mommy.  It is a prayer He continues to answer to this day as He provides creative ideas and ways of blessing my family.  It has been an amazing learning experience and one I pray will continue.  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

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