Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Running motivation

I think it's safe to say I have a love/hate relationship with exercise.  I've learned over the years I do better with group exercise. I need the accountability and someone to push me when it starts to burn.  Left to my own lazy self - "Oh, that hurts. I think I'll stop now and finish off this chocolate bar."

While living in Texas I had a great group of friends who kept me motivated.  My fitness instructor best friend would pick me up at dark thirty in the morning for the class she taught.  If you've known me for more than two weeks you know I am NOT a morning person, especially pre-coffee, so this was a stretch...pardon the pun.  We would end our morning with coffee and yogurt at Starbucks...my perfect reward.

After having one of her sweet babies, Lindsay quit teaching at the gym and instead taught a boot camp type class twice a week in her driveway.  The fact that she lived just two streets away gave me little excuse to not show up.  The Driveway Divas braved the Texas heat and yes, even the Texas cold...no, that is not an oxymoron.  I knew that if I didn't show up I would get multiple texts and e-mails kicking me in the butt.  It was the accountability I needed.  Plus, it's just more fun to work out with your friends.

Fast forward to Idaho.  A gym membership is not in the budget right now.  My Driveway Diva friends are 2,000 miles away.  That leaves me...just me. Somewhere I knew I had to find the motivation within myself to make this happen.  Not exercising is not an option.  OK, well maybe it is, but I don't want to think about the ramifications of that one.  Frightening.

Motivation is a fire from within.  Only you can light it.  

Truth.  This exercise thing isn't going to happen unless I make it happen.  So I've had to become reacquainted over the last month with the treadmill.  I am sure if you look up the definition of "boring" in your Websters dictionary it will have a picture of a treadmill beside it.  Yep.  But nevertheless here we are. This is what I've got to work with.  Truth time - I have not woken up one time this month excited to get moving.  In fact, the only way I will do it is if I refuse to think about it, make myself lace up my shoes, grab the running tunes and get moving.  Any thought at all will give me ample chance to back out...and some days I do.

Here's the kicker - I've never once finished my workout and wished I hadn't done it.  I feel stronger and darn it, just proud of myself for doing something I seriously didn't want to do, but desperately needed to.  So while I hate beginning the process, I love how I feel when I'm done.  Hence the love/hate relationship.  I may never enjoy running like some of my crazy marathon running friends, but every time I lace up my shoes I'm getting stronger...and that makes it worth it.

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