Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Coffee love & my mom heart

Those who know me know my love affair with coffee.  It makes me happy...and keeps me functioning in a way that makes everyone happy.

Over the last few months my 16 year old has also begun to share that love.  We've developed our own little morning ritual of sitting down together over a cuppa joe.  Now this I love even more than coffee. 

Steaming mugs in hand we talk about life, what the Lord's teaching him, his hopes and fears for the future...things that give me insight into the heart of this amazing young man.    I marvel at who he has become, not because of me, but in spite of me.  God's got hold of his heart and he is truly seeking to follow him.  

Often our coffee times spill over into when we should be doing other things, but honestly I don't care.  Chores,'ll get done, but the time I have with him is precious.  He'll be starting college classes in the fall and before we know it, he'll be on his own.  The time we have with him will be winding down soon enough and I don't want to miss one second.  So for now I hide these moments in my heart to ponder when he's grown and gone. 

Yes, coffee keeps me going, but coffee with my sweet 16 year old makes my mom heart amazingly happy.

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