Saturday, July 23, 2011

An eclectic answer to the inevitable question

When two homeschool moms meet it will probably take less than two minutes for one of them to ask the inevitable question - "So, what curriculum do you use?"   If I had a quarter for every time I've answered that question I could probably sail away on another cruise.  In trying to give an answer it's not a matter of simply saying, "We use SOS." or "We take the Charlotte Mason approach."  While there are some who fall into strictly one category or another, most of us utilize a more eclectic approach.  Yep, we're eclectic.

Since I've spent the last several weeks reading curriculum catalogs, ordering, sorting and dreaming about curriculum and now days upon end of planning with said curriculum it seems logical to write a post about what we're using this year.  Wow...that was one long run-on sentence.

9th Grade
Algebra 2 and Geometry - Math U See
Vocabulary - Wordly Wise
Writing - WriteShop
Critical Thinking - The Fallacy Detective
Spanish I - Alpha Omega
Physical Science - Apologia
World History and Geography - Switched on Schoolhouse

7th Grade
Math - Math U See (Zeta level)
Vocabulary - Wordly Wise 7
Writing - WriteShop
Spelling - Spelling Power
General Science - Apologia

4th Grade
Math - Math U See (Delta & Epsilon levels)
Vocabulary - Wordly Wise 4
Grammar - Easy Grammar 4
Spelling - Spelling Power

1st Grade
Math - Math U See (Alpha level)
Science/History/Character - Five in a Row

Keep in mind this is the IDEAL. This is what we're hoping and PRAYING to accomplish. The plans have been made and committed to the LORD.  I'll let you know next May how it all shakes down.


  1. I love planning our homeschool year! That's what I'm working on this week.

  2. I always hate trying to answer that question. I do so much of my own thing and it varies from year to year. We just do what each child needs and that changes and grows. It's organic. Hey...that's it. I'm going to call myself an organic homeschooler. Lisa~


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