Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Apology from a soap snob

OK, I have to begin with an apology of sorts.  Over the years several friends have shared the joys of making their own laundry soap.  My first reaction was always, "Uh, why?", or as my smarty pants friend Linda says, "Don't you know they sell that at Wal-Mart?"

With the price of raising four kiddos continuing to go up (they get more expensive the older they get!), I decided to revisit the whole make your own soap thing.  Especially after a friend mentioned she can make 2.5 gallons for just $.71 cents!  What could it hurt to try right?

Well let's just say I'm hooked.  It took just three ingredients and about 10 minutes and I had me some soap.  It works great on our laundry...haven't had a problem with it not cleaning anything AND there's no scent.  No more paying $25 for soap. I smile every time I do laundry now just thinking about how much money I'm saving.

I'm not one of those that takes pictures of every step in the process to share with you all.  Sorry. Instead, I'll send you right to the source.  Crystal at The Family Homestead has a post complete with wonderful color photos for all you visual types.  Check her out here.

So, to all who tried to tell me...I'm sorry I was a soap snob.

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