Friday, August 6, 2010

Free decorating - how a game table was born

Yesterday I got the urge to start moving furniture again. My kids just look at me and yell, "Watch out! Mom's got the bug again!" It's a sickness...I know.

Our great room area is a bit tricky to arrange because it is surrounded by traffic patterns. One part borders the kitchen, one side leads to the bedrooms and the other side leads to the master suite. That leaves a little square area in the middle for the furniture. The area that leads to the master bedroom has some extra space in front of the windows and I will sometimes stick a random piece of furniture over there, but it's never looked just the way I wanted it to. If money were no problem, I would buy two nice little chairs and a table to make a seating area...IF being the operative word.

Since I couldn't run out and purchase new chairs, I started brainstorming ways to use the space with things I already have. LIGHT BULB MOMENT! I had an old handmade desk in the garage that had no current purpose. I was holding on to it for sentimental reasons, but it never really fit anywhere. Pulling it out, I dusted it off, pried off the top portion and presto - a game table was born! It needs to be refinished, but that is so far down on my to-do list that I haven't even bothered to write it down yet.

I've always wanted a game table in our living room! The kids love to play chess, but don't often think to pull it out. Now that it's sitting in the living room, they have played non-stop for two days. (Please forgive the crummy photo. Camera broke and we still haven't replaced it. Recording the memories of our lives with a camera phone just isn't cutting it!)

Oh how I love free decorating!


  1. Nice solution! What a great game to have sitting out all the time too! I love that even little Emma is sitting there playing chess with Daddy.

  2. I love finding a treasure in my own garage! I'd slap a coat of paint on that baby and enjoy! We are big on games around here! Lisa~


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