Sunday, August 1, 2010


We will eventually find a new church and begin to make
friends. We will eventually find a homeschool group. We will eventually feel like this is home. I’m just thankful God is walking with us through the nows, while we wait on eventually.
blog post from May 2007

I ran across this excerpt from a blog post I had written a month after our move to Texas. How interesting to look back and see how the LORD orchestrated each part of our lives.

We eventually found a wonderful church and built amazing friendships. Though we've now moved on to help start a new church, we know our time there was ordained by the LORD and we are grateful.

As for finding a homeschool group, that part made me laugh out loud. We didn't find one - we inadvertently started our own and the LORD continues to bless with close to 50 families participating. That seriously blows me away. Starting a group was never even on my radar, but apparently it was in His plan. I love it when He works like that.

As for feeling like we're "home"...I know we're right where we are suppose to be and I can say with confidence that yes, He did walk with us through the now, while we waited on eventually.

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  1. God is so good! I know I am grateful that we are a gift to me! Lisa~


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