Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bible shopping

My Bible is falling apart...literally, whole sections have come out. I've glued it back together more times than I can count. This Bible is like an old friend. I know right where to find my favorite passages. I've written hundreds of notes in it, recording times the LORD used specific verses to minister to my heart. I've struggled for the longest time with getting a new one, but I think it's time to say good-bye. I looked into having it rebound, but the $150-$250 price tag made that an unlikely option. I'm attached, but not THAT attached!

So yesterday I bit the bullet and went Bible shopping. Sounds easy enough doesn't it? Uh...not so much! Who knew there were so many Bibles? There's the golfers Bible..."Lord, help me make it on the fairway." There's the busy mom's Bible..."Lord, help me make it through the next five minutes!" There's The Message and The Message Remix...not sure what that's all about. The Daily Bible...what, as opposed to the monthly? Archaeological Bible, thin-line Bible, large print Bible, compact Bible. There are Bibles by denomination, gift Bibles, study Bibles...good grief! I had no idea!

After much comparing, I found the one I wanted...I think. It's got some great study materials I'm excited to dive into. When asked the question, "Which Bible is the best?", our pastor responds, "The one you'll read!" Too true.


  1. Oh I know! My Bible is falling apart, but the thought of finding a new one is dreadful. So I'm hanging on! I hope you'll read your new one! :) Lisa~

  2. He's got a good point!

    My Bible was a birthday gift from my husband when I turned 19.
    I've had it almost all of my Christian life.!
    Fortunately it's still in good condition - I'm sure the Bible case helps - so I don't even need to think about it right now. *grin*


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