Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time well spent

The local Christian radio station posed a question tonight during their call in time.

If you knew today was your last day to live, how would you spend it?

Most callers detailed how they would spend it with their loved ones, enjoying time together and saying all the things they wanted to say. Some mentioned things they would not do - watch TV, surf the web, sleep or even eat.

As I considered my answer, a bigger question loomed in my mind. If I know for a fact I would live my last day differently, why am I not living each day that way? If I know what is important enough to spend my final moments on, why am I frittering away time on things that don't matter? Why am I not living each and every day as if it were the last? Not in a morbid sense, but one that makes lasting memories out of daily activities. One that lays aside the tyranny of the urgent for the preciousness of the moment.

My days should include more tea parties, rousing card games, walks in the rain, late night talks over ice cream, less computer time and a lot more hugs. My calender should be filled with things that encourage others and build lasting relationships, rather than things that drain my energy leaving nothing for the ones I love.

None of us is promised tomorrow, but how we spend it could impact eternity. Spend wisely.


  1. Exactly! It is so hard isn't it? To slow down and remember what is really important. Plus you cant just have tea parties. Someone has to do laundry. It's a delicate balance. Thanks for the is such a busy week here that I needed to hear it. Lisa~


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