Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer reading program - Booyah!

Aaahhh...the sound of silence.

We just got home from the library where we signed up for the summer reading program. We've done various programs since the kids were little and gotten some neat prizes in return for all their hard work, but this year's program has taken it to a whole new level for my kids. For every three books they read or listen to on CD, they are entered into a drawing for an iPod Touch. Oh yeah! The boys have planned now to do nothing but read, eat and sleep for the remainder of the summer. I'm good with that. I love to see them working as a team to get their names in there as many times as possible. They're even planning out a schedule to share the iPod once they win. I admire their positive attitudes. Now why can't they work together like that on their chores?

I didn't bother to tell them how many other hundreds of kids they're up against. Why put a damper on their excitement? Or on my quiet summer? Who knows, they might actually win. Now that would be pretty cool.

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  1. Maybe we should offer ipods for chores. It's a system worth considering. Lisa~


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