Thursday, June 10, 2010

Choosing a paint color

Let the chaos begin.

Armed with my nifty little Sherwin Williams "concepts in color" color palette, the elimination process has begun. Choosing a color to paint the entire downstairs is no easy feat. Well OK, maybe it's easy if you happen to be a professional decorator, which I am not. Heck, I don't even measure things when I hang them. I eyeball it. My eyeball usually gets it pretty straight...usually.

So here's my not so scientific eyeballing process for choosing a paint color.

Since the tile floor and granite counter tops are have warm undertones, I immediately eliminated the cool neutrals. Not a big deal...I'm not really drawn to those anyway.

Next I went through my nifty little Sherwin Williams "concepts in color" palette and tagged all the ones I liked at first glance. Way too many. Then I compared each tagged color to our trim color. That eliminated at least half. Apparently our builder got a really good deal on a very yellowy off-white color. At least I hope for his sake he got a good deal.

Left with about ten colors on my nifty little Sherwin Williams color palette, I started comparing them to the tile...there went three more. Then to the granite...there went two more. So I'm left with these, which in real life look nothing like these tiny squares.

Mike will help make the final eliminations. Great thing about us - we have very similar decorating styles. When we do happen to differ, I gently remind him who's the decorator in the family.

Check back tomorrow to see who's made it to the final round.

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