Saturday, June 12, 2010

Marriage milestone

We've done a lot of painting and decorating in the four homes we've lived in since saying 'I do'. The attention always seems to go to the more public areas of the house or the kids' rooms and as a result, the master bedroom has been badly neglected. Whatever leftover furniture won't fit anywhere else in the house seems to have ended up as part of our "decor"...that and the lovely treadmill. Not exactly my idea of a great decorating style.

After waiting almost 20 years, we finally purchased our first bedroom set today. I am seriously beside myself with excitement! Now, before the furniture is delivered I have to paint the room. Before I can paint the room, I have to choose the paint color. Before I can choose the paint color, I have to choose the bedding. Sheesh! I'm already tired!

Here's a pic of the new set. Love, love, LOVE it!

I could use some serious help with the bedding. I know exactly what I want it to look like in my head- sort of spa like, but I'm struggling a bit to make it work. I'm thinking of painting the walls a pale, pale blue and going with white bedding. Thought it would look nice next to the dark wood. Thoughts? Help? Ideas?

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  1. Ugh! I wrote a whole, long comment and it disappeared into the abyss. OK, sorry, I'll try again....

    The furniture is gorgeous. You will have the most beautiful bedroom. I think white bedding would be perfect. I'd go for something with matelasse or a quilt. The light walls with a tint of color is a great idea. You have to be careful with light blue. It can look like a baby's room if you're not careful. Try putting some samples on the wall, or be sure it has a bit of green in it. If you like the blue/green look, use Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware. It's my absolute favorite!

    Whew! Now I'm exhausted from writing out this whole comment twice. LOL! Lisa~


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