Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The fountain of youth...at Target

There's something about the claims of "anti-aging", "anti-wrinkle" and my personal favorite "age defying" that lure me in. I can't help but peruse the aisles of Target looking for the one product promising to change my life. Remember the Magic Bullet?

Why do I believe them? Why do I continue to plop down a chunk of change for a gluttony of products promising to hold back the hands of time? Because I want so badly for the claims to be true. With each purchase, I'm hoping it really will slow down the inevitable progression, but I know it won't. And I need to be OK with that.

Funny thing is, though I would love to give back a bit of my gray hair and crow's feet laugh lines, I wouldn't trade the wisdom that comes with each passing year for all the hairspray in Texas. If you've ever been to Texas, you know what I'm talkin' about. Life, in all its ups and downs, is a constant learning process. Some things simply can not be learned when you are young. They come only by the passing of years filled with the experiences that make us who we are.

So instead of looking for the fountain of youth in an overpriced jar, I'm learning to embrace the changes, maybe even be thankful for them...maybe.

I will still be the same when you are old and gray,and I will take care of you. I created you. I will carry you and always keep you safe. Isaiah 46:4


  1. Funny how you think you know so much when you're young. Then you get a little older, learn/experience more, and realize you really didn't know so much. Then more years pass, and you find out there was a lot MORE you didn't know...
    I am so thankful for the wisdom and experience of those who have gone before me. And I'm glad I can be a light to some who are now where I was years ago.

    BTW, have you heard of gIRL? I just found out about it yesterday. Girlfriends In Real Life - there's going to be a gathering/retreat in North Carolina Sept. 24-26 and I just registered last night. Check it out. http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e2x6cn3s7cacf144
    Would love it if you could come, too!

  2. It is so strange when our body starts to age. Bu you are so right, the wisdom that comes with it is invaluable. It is God's gift, we should accept it gracefully. Lisa~


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