Sunday, May 23, 2010

Magic gadgets

Well, we've arrived. No really, we have. Yesterday we purchased the Magic Bullet Deluxe at Costco. We didn't go to Costco with the intention of purchasing a new gadget, but who can leave that place without at least one thing they hadn't planned on buying? The Magic Bullet promises to make my life easier and since I'm so sure I can believe everything "as seen on TV", I'm just waiting breathlessly to see what happens.

What is it about blogging that brings out the sarcastic side of me?

Seriously though, it is a pretty cool set-up. We tried it out last night making milkshakes. With so many different cups and attachments, everyone gets to put in their own ingredients and customize what they want. Of course in letting everyone decide just what they wanted in their milkshake, it took three times longer than just making one big batch in a regular blender. Three times longer doesn't really make my life easier now does it?

The one thing I was super excited about was the claim that you can use it to grate cheese. We eat a lot of in we buy cheese in boulder sized packages. So you can imagine my disappointment this morning to learn that in fact it does not grate cheese, but only smashes it into a mushy ball. Hmmm...guess you really can't believe everything you see on TV.

But it makes great long as you've got the time.


  1. Bummer! At least you saved me from buying one! LOL! Lisa~

  2. If you're making milkshakes, I'll MAKE the time!
    When should I come over? *grin*

    Oh, my word. The cardinal JUST landed on my deck and looked right at me.
    Praying for you!


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