Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Me and Ree - catchy don't ya think?

You may have seen the movie Julie and Julia. Well, I've decided to go for my own version and work my way through The Pioneer Woman Cooks website. Yep, me and Ree...we're gonna be best buds by the time I'm done. And yes, I will weigh at least 400 pounds, but hey, I'm pretty sure it'll be worth it.

I love her site for several reasons. All the recipes I've tried so far (OK, so I've only tried one, but I've made it twice...I've just drooled over the rest) have been amazing, but the BEST part is the pictures. Hellooo, visual learner here. She has step by step photos of ALL her recipes. If the recipe name doesn't grab me that ooey, gooey photo sure will. Pretty sure I'm planning my entire menu next week off her site.

Not only does the Pioneer Woman find time to prepare amazing food, complete with color photos, she also writes books, dabbles in photography, gardens and oh yes, did I mention she homeschools her kids and runs a ranch? Yep, I want to be like her when I grow up...minus the ranch part.

Need a good recipe to start with? Try the Olive Cheese Bread. I guarantee you'll be hooked. I've even eaten it cold...for breakfast. Yeah, it's that good.


  1. You are so funny. A friend and I drove two and a half hours last year to attend one of her book signings. I've tried several of her recipes and they have all been yummo. :) I hope you and she become BFFs and start making sweet recipes together. Lisa~

  2. Oooh- can't wait to read about your yummy creations. I heart Pioneer Woman. I've made her chocolate sheet cake and it is indeed awesome.


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