Monday, May 24, 2010

Kids summer reading fun

Today is our first "official" day of summer vacation. Kids are done with all their work and we have agreed to not even think about school for at least a month! [insert loud cheering]

To celebrate we took a trip to Barnes and Noble and each one picked out a book. Austin has been chomping at the bit to read the latest in the Warrior series. Connor chose a book by his favorite sports author. No surprise there. Greyson decided to wait because the Warrior book he wanted is out of stock for a few days, so it looks like we'll be making a return trip very soon. Little Miss Emma picked out an American Girl paper doll set. What fun! She is spending the afternoon in her room decorating and arranging Kit's house. So many fun little pieces..."little" being the key word.

Watching her play brought back so many memories of hours spent arranging and decorating with my Barbies and paper dolls. I was never much into the actual playing and acting out stories. For me it was all about the set-up. Hey, maybe that's why I love to rearrange and decorate my house so much! Just made that connection.

So now my house is unusually quiet while the kids enjoy their new reads. That my friends is worth the price of the books right there. Yes, summer break is now "official" and I couldn't be happier. Of course if I were a really good mom, I'd have pictures of the kids with their new books to post, but hey, I know my limitations.


  1. I am glad you found some things. We have quit going to Barnes and is too hard to find pure books for the kids and you have to look at so much junk while you're in there that we just order on Amazon. I will have to look into the Warrior series. I've never heard of it. Lisa~

  2. Celebrating Summer Break by buying books? I LOVE your style!!! What a great kick-off!



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