Thursday, May 20, 2010

Movin' on up

I like changing things up. Just ask my friends. Not that I change them or anything. But ask them how often I rearrange my furniture. I think they like to come over just to see what's new...that and they really like my coffee...or so they say.

Once Mike was blessed with a new job and we knew we would be staying put, I was ready to start making changes. I'd been plotting for almost a year. If you know me at all you will understand how much self-control it took for me to wait that long. Once I get an idea, I'm ready to go - NOW!

Of course moving furniture and people around seems to have a domino affect. Moving one thing leads to moving another and so on and so on. Problem was our "dominoes" were quite heavy and had to be moved up and down stairs. The "dominoes" looked a whole lot like a sleeper sofa, love seat, overstuffed chair, treadmill and four beds.

The first domino was moving everything from the upstairs "media room" (fancy builder name for TV room) to the downstairs playroom. I tell ya that sleeper sofa weighs a TON and it will never, as long as we live here, go back upstairs...ha, who am I kidding?

The second domino was moving all three boys, their beds and all their junk upstairs to their new "dorm room". They love sharing a room, but had really outgrown the smaller bedroom. Now they have the biggest room in the house and lots of room to spread out. Plus they have their own bathroom up there...their own little "man cave".

So now the playroom is the new TV room. It's a bit small, but it works. And since hubby decided to purchase a TV the size of Rhode Island, I can watch the news from the kitchen and see just fine thank you.

Of course we couldn't leave little Emma out of the moving mix, so she now resides in what was her brothers' room. We painted it a very girly color and she couldn't be happier. This leaves her old room currently empty, but don't worry...I'm sure I'll move something in there soon.

I am so thankful for my sweet hubby who puts up with my crazy whims...more than puts up with them, he actual rolls up his sleeves and helps me out. What a guy!

Think I'll go rearrange my living room now.


  1. See? I knew I liked you from the very beginning....but I didn't know that we were so much alike! When the re-arranging bug hits me, the kids runs and hide. I am about to do some re-arranging and furniture painting in my living room. Plus the school-room/dining room needs some work over the summer. I'd love to have a friend come over and help me when I'm moving furniture....a second opinion always helps. But I can't even imagine a room with no purpose. LOL! Lisa~

  2. My kids and husband run and hid when I start rearranging! Sounds like your husband is a big support. I think change is good even if the rest of the family would never move anything ever.

  3. I am just the opposite! Once I get something "right" I tend to leave it alone. If I do move something around - my immediate reaction is dislike. It takes me away to "adjust". I'm real laid back like that ;)
    I love the new arrangement you describe- the boys dorm- too cool. I would love love love a 2nd living area!


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