Friday, January 8, 2010

Raising the right kind of awareness


Seems people are always trying to raise awareness about something. Save the whales. Cancer research. A tiny frog living in the Amazon. They come up with some pretty creative ways to get people's attention focused on their cause.

True awareness is something that makes you sit up, take notice and want to make a change, to really DO something about a problem. After the recent raising breast cancer awareness campaign stunt going around facebook, the only thing we are now aware of is what color bra everyone is sporting. Don't get me wrong. I am all about finding a cure for such an awful disease, but can someone please tell me what change will occur from sharing this information?

Scripture tells us we are not to be a stumbling block to anyone's walk. Ladies, you're giving every one of your male facebook friends personal information that should be reserved for your husband alone. Men are visual. I can only imagine what they have been imagining over the last couple of days as they have been inundated with such a rainbow of colors, along with a whole slew of other information they didn't need to know. Trust me, the next time they see you, guess what they are going to remember?

So I guess my answer to the Facebook color question of the week is 'nobody's business!'"


  1. Amen! When will women take it seriously. Men are visual.
    Thank you!

  2. I just clicked into your blog, looking for other Believing bloggers to read and have enjoyed your writings! I've bookmarked it to come back. What a blessing it is to find you.

    I felt the same way about the FB stunt. I just stayed out of it due to the very things you said, that EVERYone would know, men included. But it's refreshing to read your thoughts about it on your blog!

    May you be blessed today!

  3. Thanks Angela I can't believe I was sucked into this, I am usually pretty good about these things but totally did not think about it until a friend brought it to my attention. I was just thinking it was a girl thing. Boy was I wrong.


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