Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stop praying already!

I love prayer. It's a direct link to our Heavenly Father. Remember the old movies with the big, red emergency phone sitting on the President's desk? I can pick up that phone and call Him any hour, day or night and He will answer. It's my direct link. God wants us to tell Him our hearts' desire; to tell Him what we want and think we need; to pray "Thy will be done". But there's a time to stop praying. There's a time to stop petitioning Him for what we want or need, to stop pleading our case. He's heard us. He heard us the first time. Once we've presented our requests to Him, it's time to start thanking Him for what He's already set into motion.

Mike headed out this morning for an interview. We've been praying about it for several weeks. We've prayed with elders in our church. We've prayed with friends. There is nothing left for us to say about this situation that has not already been presented to the throne of God. All there is left to do now is to praise God for His perfect plan. He began setting things in motion years ago, before we even thought to ask. Whatever the outcome, our job as His kids is to praise Him.

Not sure if today will bring the answers we're looking for, but we'll praise Him for what He is working behind the scenes, knowing it is all for our good.


  1. Angela,
    Our preacher touched on this Sunday. The word "Abba" is the sounds a baby makes before it learns to speak. "aaaahhhh". "baabaabaa". The meaning is, when we don't know what to say or what to ask for, when we're so broken that just sounds come out, God is hearing his child cry "Abba, Father". No good and kindly father can resist the tug of the heart strings when he hears his child crying for parental intervention. How wonderful to know that He already knows! (And hears!!)

  2. I've heard it said before that God answers our prayers even before we pray. It's up to us to 'catch up' to the answer.

    Thank you for the reminder to go forth in praise after we pray.

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  4. I love the analogy. There is a really good Pastor who uses this same theme in many teachings

  5. Great post. There are so many hurting people and challenging situations that lately my prayers have sounded more like a grocery list or a letter to Santa. A LOT more worship, adoration, praise, and thanksgiving is definitely needed.


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