Friday, December 25, 2009

A baby changes everything

A baby changes everything. If you've had a child of your own, you know the incredible truth of that statement first hand.

Mary, no more than a girl herself and yet chosen by God to give birth to His own Son. To suffer humiliation and rumors in order to carry out a plan she was chosen to bear is an amazing thing. From conception through his agonizing death on the cross, he touched her at the deepest level a mom can feel. She changed and fed him, snuggled him when he was afraid, dried his tears when he skinned his knee and watched him grow to be a man. She taught him all she could and then she learned from him. He was her son and he was her Savior. He was in every way human and in every way God.

From his first cry in the stable to his last cry on the cross, he changed each life he touched. Some, as in the case of Mary and Joseph, were altered by a direct connection. Others who came to hear him teach were changed by his life giving words. And each of us, 2,000 years later, are still being changed by his amazing sacrifice.

This baby really did change everything.

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