Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A walk through the wardrobe

The beloved story of Narnia is one that captures the hearts and imaginations of young and old. Who wouldn't love stepping through a magical wardrobe to find themselves in a different world? To meet a whole cast of characters different from ourselves? To fight an epic battle between good and evil, knowing you are on the winning side?

Such is the tale of the Christian life. We become a Christian only to find ourselves in a different world - in it, but not of it. We live, work and play surrounded by an array of people different from ourselves, some more so than others. That's what keeps life in the wardrobe interesting! And the epic battle fought between good and evil? We're in it. "We battle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of this dark world." We may not be able to see the creepy creatures Peter, Susan, Edmond and Lucy battled in their quest for victory, but they are just as real.

The Pevensies fought for an end to eternal winter. What are we fighting for? Our very lives and the lives of our children. Aslan is here. He is walking among us, but we must recognize his presence through our faith. Lucy was the only Pevensie with enough faith and courage see the great lion. The others attempted at every turn to fight the battle on their own. It wasn't until they acknowledged his presence and turned over control of the fight to him that things began to take a positive turn.

Are we, like the practical minded Peter, Susan and Edmond, attempting to fight without acknowledging the King's presence? If so, we might as well stop now and surrender. We can not be effective on our own. Period. Or are we, like little Lucy, always watching and waiting for him to move and speak?

As I walk through the wardrobe, I pray I am following the great lion's footsteps, waiting with baited breath to hear His voice.

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