Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quasimodo and compassionate kids

I pulled a muscle working out on Monday and have been gimping around ever since. Not quite Quasimodo, but close.

From the moment I came hopping in the door in tears my kids have been amazing. Once they got me settled, they were bringing me things I might find helpful - a whistle (in case I need one of them to help me), pillows, coffee, even E's favorite green blankey (she let me hold it for all of ten minutes and then politely asked for it back). One even tried to fashion me a wheelchair out of footballs and large amounts of scotch tape, until his younger brother pointed out the physical impossibilities of such an idea. That C, he's my visionary kid!

I love what this week has brought out in my kids. I love answering the same "How is your leg Mommy?" question at least every five minutes because it shows their care and concern. Their compassion has melted my heart and given me an amazing glimpse into theirs. That makes all the inconvenience and halt on my 'to-do' list absolutely worth it.

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