Thursday, March 19, 2009

Springtime in Texas

Yesterday's weather was amazing, so we headed to the Arboretum. I envisioned us lying on a blanket reading the afternoon away amid the blooms. Funny how often my reality does not line up with my ideal. Being the homeschoolers that we are, we completely forgot it was spring break. Apparently 1.3 million other families decided yesterday would be a great day to spend enjoying the blooms as well.

Not to be deterred, we still had an awesome time. Thankfully we have a pass, so we'll just go again next week when everyone is back in school. I'm not so big on crowds. Call me selfish, but I like having the place to myself.


  1. Those are awesome! Your sons are getting so big since the last pictures you've posted...

  2. I'd be going back EVERY week! Such beautiful pictures, Ang!
    Julie D.

  3. These are wonderful pictures, Angela. Hope you get to enjoy the beauty again - with a lot less people! *grin*

  4. We had the same problem Monday when we went to the Children's Museum. I wasn't thinking about spring break. The schools closest to us are out next week, but other schools in the state were out this week. I have become so spoiled!

  5. Nice photos! We were there the same day - I've never seen the place so crowded! Gee, I wonder why we didn't run into one another? =) I hope you got there before the parking lot was full! I must admit, my kiddos actually enjoyed ridding the bus...



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