Sunday, March 22, 2009

Art imitating life

Here's the picture we have hanging in our dining room -

Nice hu? We all look so, well, normal...and quiet...and momentarily well behaved. Ha! I dare say there is nothing quiet about our family...the normal, that's up for debate.

This is the one I wish we had hanging in our dining room -

This is truly art imitating life. This is MY life. Sometimes I love it...sometimes I desperately wish for the first photo to be true.

Case in point - today I was playing Solitaire. Now, the name of the game implies that one would play the game ALONE. Nope, not at my house. Within 30 seconds of sitting down on the couch they began to gravitate to the living room like ants to a picnic and before I could nicely ask them to get out of my bubble, they had burst it completely as they ALL (yes, Mike too) gave me advice on how to play each card.

Despite the desperate lack of personal space, I think I'd get bored with the first photo rather quickly. There may not be much quiet, but at least the loudest noise is the laughter.

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  1. I often think about "real life" when I look at family photos.
    1) How long did it take to capture that nicely posed moment?
    2) Is everyone really loving each other, or are some of them honestly irritated with a few others as this photo is taken?

    I think we should start a movement of "real life" family portraits. Why not display the silly pictures, and the ones when not everyone is looking at the camera? I mean, we could still hang the nice one, too - the one that took 20 minutes to capture. But at least we would be believable. *grin*
    And, since you used "desperate" twice in your post today, I think you really need to come over and watch my video.
    Love you,


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