Monday, March 23, 2009

Here comes the bride!

Emma found my wedding dress today and insisted I wear it "so we could get married". Talk about a reality check. There will be no photos of that special event...the one in which I TRIED to get into my dress.

Here are some pics of my little bride. Cue Martina McBride singing "In My Daughter's Eyes" and pass the tissue. The bride wore a blushing pink gown with a floor length veil and carried pink tulips.


  1. That is priceless! Pass the kleenex indeed!
    There's no way I could possibly get into my dress! I was anorexically thin!

  2. Soooooooo precious! What a beautiful little bride. : )
    Ang, I have a dear friend in Little Rock who wears her wedding dress as she cooks breakfast every year on their anniversary. She still looks incredible!!! Mine is still preserved in a box, in the closet, under our stairs. And would not fit me at all!!!
    Julie D.

  3. Oh, how sweet!
    I have wondered if I could get into my wedding dress again. The thing I fear most is that the top would be baggy. Darn effects of nursing!!! *grrr*


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