Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I'm sure it's happened at your house. Someone drops a glass or plate and it shatters...everywhere. It's broken and useless; no longer good for its intended purpose, so we sweep it up and into the trash it goes. 

Or maybe if it's a special piece you might try mending it. I have a set of red mixing bowls that my husband bought me for my birthday while on a trip to Angelfire, New Mexico. I love those bowls...they make me happy. So when one of them began to crack I quickly grabbed the Gorilla glue to try and salvage it. In my eyes the cracks didn't diminish the beauty. I wasn't about to throw it away because I loved it. 

Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese art that fills the cracks in a broken piece of pottery with gold, incorporating them into the restoration. The result is amazing! Rather than covering up the brokenness, the faults and weaknesses become a beautiful part of the object's past.

What a beautiful picture of how God views us! My cracks and brokenness make me who I am and if I allow them to they will become an opportunity for His strength  to shine through. Bringing our hearts to Him He lovingly takes each broken, jagged piece and puts it back together, sealing it over with His love and grace. The end result is more beautiful than we could have ever imagined and something that ultimately brings Him glory when viewed by those around us.

Feeling broken today? Don't hide it! Jesus wants to pour Himself into the cracks of your life to create an amazing masterpiece that will bless others and bring Him glory. Give Him the pieces and see what He'll do.

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