Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The lost art of letter writing

Today the mailman brought me a letter. 

A real, honest to goodness letter. 

I can't even tell y'all how happy it made my heart! It was just a few words offered in encouragement, but they meant more than a 500 word e-mail or a barrage of texts. I think it was because I knew it cost her something. Not just in the stamp, but in time. Time is a commodity in short supply for most of us, but she made it a priority to pull out paper and pen, putting her thoughts into handwritten words.  It made me feel warm and fuzzy, like a sweet long-distance hug. When was the last time reading a text made you feel warm and fuzzy inside? 

Use to be that letter writing was our main form of communication. I remember going off to college as a freshman and leaving my boyfriend (now hubby) behind. Back then long distance phone calls were still charged by the minute so those tended to be few and far between. There was no texting, Facebook, Skype or Facetime. Letter writing was all we had. And boy did we write...sometimes daily. I still have every single one of those letters saved in my hope chest. Not that I read them often, but they represent the love we had for each other in those early days. They are a tangible representation of the growth of our relationship. While I love it when my hubby shoots me a text saying he loves me, it can't compare with a handwritten expression of that love.

Don't get me wrong, technology is a blessing when it comes to keeping in touch with people, especially those far away, but it's just not the same. I say we start a letter writing revolution! What if just once a week we put down our phones and sent a hand written note to someone instead of a text? Think of the joy when it arrives in their mailbox. The smile on their face as they read your words of love and encouragement. It will be worth the time it takes you...I promise. 

So who's with me?

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  1. Yes!
    My niece (almost 10 years old) has a class assignment this year to have a snail-mail pen-pal. And guess who she asked to be her pen-pal? Yours truly! (OK. I was second choice. But I'm getting over that fact. *wink*)
    Can I tell you? I am so looking forward to participating in this assignment with her. I used to write to my Grandpa Pete when I was a young girl, and so loved the letters we shared. I pray God will bless this special time I have with Skylar. :)
    So, yeah. I am totally with you on this movement.


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