Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stinky feet - a sweet reminder

I was enjoying a lovely Saturday afternoon nap today when my two oldest came blowing in from their Saturday job refereeing flag football. After a brief hello, I drifted off to sleep again. Waking up a bit later I was overcome by the smell of a what I was sure was a long dead animal. What the heck?

Using my amazing motherly powers of investigation and deduction, I began hunting for the source of the horrific scent. It didn't take long to realize it was coming from two pair of teen shoes recently disgarded across the room. Oh, my heavenly heck! Seriously! Grabbing my Costco sized bottle of Febreeze I was able to disarm the smelly bombs before more nostrils were offended. Besides the Bible, large quantities of Febreeze is one of the most essential things a mom of teen boys needs in her arsenal. That's truth ladies.

While the smell may have burned my nose hairs and caused blurry vision, it was also a beautiful reminder of my reality.

My sons are hard workers, getting up early to be at the fields by 8:00 a.m.

They're willing to give up their Saturdays when they'd rather sleep in after a busy week.
They're healthy and able to work.

They're growing up and I am blessed to witness it.
The may be big and stinky, but that's nothing a hot shower can't fix. More importantly they're really, really amazing young men and that makes the smell totally worth long as I don't run out of Febreeze.

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