Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sunrises and God's amazing faithfulness!

When we moved back to Idaho nine months ago, a view was really not on our list of must-haves.  Quite frankly, I was not in any condition to think or wish that big.  I just wanted some place to unload those pods! But the Lord gave us a gift...a gift we didn't even think to ask for.  This is the view from our back patio.  I have at least one million sunrise/sunset photos taken over the last nine months and I honestly don't think I will ever tire of looking it.

I sat yesterday and watched yet another AMAZING sunrise over the mountains and was reminded of God's incredible faithfulness.  As you plan and organize for the new school year, what "mountains" are you facing?   Are there things for which you find yourself waiting? Just as the heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19:1) and the sun never fails to rise from behind the sleepy mountain, so He will be faithful to what He has called you to do.  Trade your worry in for a dose of WOW as you marvel at what He will do.  He is planning and orchestrating YOUR circumstances at this very moment and will bring it all to pass in His timing.  

No matter how long I sit on my patio in anticipation, I can't will the sun to rise any sooner than it's appointed time.  And so we wait.  Because just like life and whatever we find ourselves waiting for, when it finally rises, it is glorious!


  1. Love this analogy and love that you get to enjoy such beautiful sunrises...down here in Florida, it's the sunsets over the beaches that remind me of heaven!


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