Thursday, March 28, 2013

First world problems

Our teens saw the first world problems video in youth group last year and it has since become a common saying around our house.  To say we take things for granted in this land of plenty is a gross understatement.

I grumbled as I swept our dark hardwood floors for the umpteenth time.  They show every.little.thing.    And then I thought of moms in third world countries living in cardboard homes with dirt floors.

I griped about how hard it is to keep my white kitchen sink stain free.  And then I thought of women who walk miles each day to find water.

I groaned at the growing piles of laundry waiting for my attention.  And then I thought of families beating their  clothes on rocks near a dirty river to get them "clean".

I lamented running out of cream for my morning coffee.  And I thought of parents desperate just to feed their children even one meal a day.

Ashamed, I shut my mouth and bowed my head in thanks.


  1. So humbling and so very true. Lord, help me to remember.
    Loved the rap! I hadn't seen that one before.

  2. I do the same thing! I catch myself feeling upset because of some little inconvenience and it always reminds me how much I have and how grateful I should be. Thanks for the reminder! Lisa~

  3. Perspective is a powerful thing!


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