Sunday, December 2, 2012

Texas friends - a celebration

Thursday night before we pulled out of town the Barnes family threw us a going away party. Not because we were happy to go, but because true friendship is worth celebrating.  There was an Idaho shaped cake (Julie, you rocked that!), Texas sheet cake, stuffed spuds, Texas caviar, blue and orange decorations and of course Lindsay's famous Texas chili.  Well, it's famous to us anyway.  It was an amazing, bittersweet evening. We laughed, cried and prayed together, knowing this is not the end, but just another chapter.  We are not losing these friends, but carrying them with us and looking forward to future memories and times spent together.

I should also mention this is the same group of friends who showed up the night before and stayed until 11:00 p.m. helping us cram everything we owned into the moving pods.  They're the "get your hands dirty living life" sort of friends. Real friends will do that for you.  They don't just say they love, but show it in the way they live.  

To our Texas tribe - Blessed doesn't even begin to describe how we feel.  Living life with you over the past few years has been a gift.  We cherish it all...the good, bad and everything in between.  You have strengthened our faith, challenged and encouraged our family and made life a whole lot of fun.  Our family loves each of you dearly and we thank God for the time we were given with you!  Can't wait for you to visit...the coffee will  always be on.

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  1. What an awesome group of friends! You are blessed, indeed. :)


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