Monday, June 25, 2012

Thrift store tears

I've been a Christian most of my life, but the LORD never ceases to amaze me.

Today we headed to check out the opening of a new thrift in a nearby town.  Armed with a list of things my oldest needs for an upcoming trip, I was hoping for some good deals.  I even asked the LORD for favor in helping stretch the budget and find those good deals...except for one thing.  Austin needed new shoes.  Not such a big thing except that his feet are big things!  He wears a 14 or 15 depending on the shoe.  As an aside to my prayer I added, "Oh and maybe a pair of shoes for Austin."  Problem was it was a half-hearted prayer; more like when your kids mumble under their breath and you have no idea what they said.  To find a pair of shoes that size and the even bigger problem being shoes he actually LIKED...yeah, it was asking too much.  

Or so I thought.

We hadn't been in the store five minutes when my eyes landed on the coolest NEW pair of shoes IN HIS SIZE.  Brand new $80 shoes for $20.  I stood right there in the shoe aisle of the thrift store and cried.  Yep.  I was completely overwhelmed with how much God cares for every detail of our lives, even the ones I don't dare ask Him for.

Austin was stoked (his words) and I was humbly thankful as He whispered to my heart, "I heard you and I delight in giving good gifts to my children." 


  1. Love it. Thank you!!!

    Angela Gaddis

  2. God is so amazing. He does such sweet and loving things for us....thanks for sharing this. It's encouraging! Lisa~


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