Sunday, June 17, 2012

And so I blog...

I started blogging way back when.  I honestly can't even remember how long it's guess is going on ten years now. My early blogging days were filled with newborn induced sleepless posts, potty training thoughts, political rants and endless photo opps of my adorable children.  Oh, and coffee...there's always been the coffee.  

Blogging 'gurus' will tell you to hone in on one thing; to focus your blog so that readers with similar interests can connect with you, allowing you to build a reader base.  Nope.  That's not why I blog.  Blogging is a creative outlet for whatever happens to be rolling around in my brain. Scary isn't it?  There's no rhyme or reason - It's real life in real time.  With me, what you see is what you get.  Obviously the topics I've covered have changed over the years because, well, I've changed.  There are topics that have come up that I would have never considered blogging about when I started this journey.  Things life's thrown our way that have woven their way into the fabric of our family.

Depression, though not at all on my radar way back when, has certainly shaped me into who I am today.  Journaling the struggle helped to process each piece as the LORD peeled back the layers of the onion called my life.  As I sit here now, I can't imagine who I would be had that not been part of my journey and I am grateful.

Our homeschool journey has come a long way over the years as well.  While we've just finished teaching our last little one to read, we've also jumped head long into the world of Algebra 2, puberty and other equally scary things!  We still love homeschooling, but the terrain looks a whole lot different than those days when art projects littered the table, hours were spent at the library and colored counting bears were how we rolled.

Through the years of blogging one thing that remains constant is JESUS.  I've always loved blogging about things He's teaching me through His Word and other amazing people He places in my life.  That hasn't changed, because He never changes.  Without Him none of the other moments matter.  He is the lens through which each of the other moments is viewed; bringing each part of my life into focus, weaving it into who I am becoming...and so I blog.


  1. Yes! I think I have been reading your blog for almost that long ;) I so miss blogging. Like you writing is an outlet, but these days my brain is fried. I also used to blog my heart at times and now fb makes that a lot less anonymous (like it was in the beginning). I am glad to see you blogging

  2. I think we 'blog-met' way back at Homeschool Blogger? I just followed my way from FB back to your blog. (I've deleted most of my blogs, as well as my own. I used to do thelearningneverstops)
    I am thankful for your posts on depression. Thank you for putting it out there. People don't understand, (including me, before it happened to me)
    There is a fallacy that Christians, those who love and follow Christ can't be overcome with depression. Not true. That's the lie from the enemy, btw.
    I just added you to my reader again. :)


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