Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cheap laundry room makeover

As I mentioned before we've been reorganizing.  Sort of like nesting without the impending delivery. 

One of the only things I'm not crazy about in our house is the laundry room.  I really hate to even complain...seeing as how some people across the globe do their laundry in the river and all, but for our family of six it's a bit small.  I decided that small or not, it needed a bit of perking up. 

I actually hadn't planned to work on the laundry room just yet, but was inspired by some black and white toile contact paper I found at Dollar Tree...yes, I heart Dollar Tree.  I lined the shelf with the contact paper, bought the kids some new blue laundry baskets to go with the color scheme, shopped my house for some things that matched and viola - a mini laundry room makeover for $7!

The large 'S' I found at a thrift store.  It's fun and funky and makes me smile.  The black stool is a long ago garage sale find and has been in every room of my house at least 10 times.  The 'live, love, laugh' bottles are from Dollar Tree (I think), the pitcher is one Mike painted for me years ago and the basket/liner were a Christmas gift from a friend.  I thought it all went so nicely with my new shelf paper.  Yes, it's the little things that make me happy.

Covered cardstock with extra shelf liner and inserted in the front of the canvas bins I've had for years.  I also covered the light switch plate in the toile.

The kids matching laundry baskets...don't's clean.

More cute labels covered with the cute contact paper tied with cute ribbon I already had.

Oh, the frugal cuteness of it all!


  1. Very very cute!! I need you to come and jazz mine up ;). Everything goes together so well and a frugal makeover does make it better :>

  2. So pretty! One thing my MIL did for us when we bought our home was to decorate our laundry room. I thought that was a weird place to decorate, but it looks GREAT! Having a pretty laundry room makes going in there a little less chore-ful. :)


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