Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Better Homes and Gardens we are NOT

My house was clean...yesterday. 

Today however is a different story.  School books cover just about every flat surface.  My cute fall centerpiece pushed aside on the dining room table is now replaced by the remnants of a science project.  Legos...isn't it always the Legos?...litter the floor.

In years past this would have bothered me - immensely.  I think my post-depression self is a whole lot more laid back about most things.  Thank God for that!  Use to be I couldn't sit down and relax in a room that needed to be picked up.  I've learned that if you prop your feet up and close your eyes, you don't know if it's messy or not!

Seriously though, this is the life of a homeschool family.  We are home together all day.  That's a lot of people around to make messes.  When we're not home, we're running from this practice to that, leaving piles of stuff in our wake.  This is life.  I can let myself get stressed over the fact that things are not always tidy, or I can realize that all too soon the kids will be grown, my time as teacher done and I'll have all the time I want for a tidy home.  In the meantime, I've learned to adjust my expectations, bringing them more in line with my reality.

So yes, my house was clean yesterday.  Sorry you missed it! 


  1. :) My house is clean today! Well, several room of it anyway, haha! I've been grateful for teaching piano on Wednesdays for at least on that day, my living room is clean and the boys' room is picked up.

  2. Love your post!! I am working on cleaning my house. I usually get the downstairs done and then too tired to do the upstairs! Thanks for putting things into perspective for me!! I can get so annoyed with the mess. I need to just enjoy what God has given me. He gave me these three blessings of kids and they make a beautiful mess sometimes :)

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