Saturday, August 6, 2011

Goldilocks and the not so blond hair

OK, so apparently complaining about the weather has no affect on said weather.  I think it only serves to leave me in a bad mood - a mood so bad no amount of Reese's ice cream bars can conquer.

I found myself considering a move to Colorado or Alaska to escape the 30 something days of plus 100 degree heat.  A friend suggested Antarctica, but I think that's a little extreme.  Even as I considered cooler climates, I realized those wouldn't make me happy either...too cold in the winter.  Really?  I sound an awful lot like Goldilocks - "That one's too hot!  That one's too cold!  That one's just right!"  I don't want it too hot, I don't want it too cold.  I want it just right to suit me.  Yes, I sound like a little girl throwing a temper tantrum.  Like Goldilocks minus the blond hair.

I wonder at such a view of life.  How often do I adopt the Goldilocks perspective, not wanting anything "too hard" or "too soft", but only what is "just right"?  Translation - only what is easy?  That's not reality.  Scripture tells us things will be hard and we will face trials (James 1:2).  There will be hardships, difficult relationships, disappointments and loss.  I shouldn't wish them away or consider moving to cooler climates to avoid being uncomfortable.  It's in being uncomfortable that we're stretched in our faith.  It's surviving the hardships that make us stronger.  Not stronger in ourselves, but stronger in our realization of the One who gives us strength. 

Paul says in Philippians chapter four he has learned to be content in any circumstance.  Though he doesn't list extreme heat, I'm sure that's what he meant!  His secret?  He recognized his lack of strength and utter dependence on Christ.  I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me...even withstand the heatwave of 2011. (paraphrase mine!)

So while moving to cooler climates may be appealing, it's not the answer to the Goldilocks perspective.  What I need is not a climate change, but an attitude change.  Who knows what I might find in the midst of the heatwave if I stop looking for "just right" and instead look for Jesus.


  1. I discovered today that an attitude change did equal a complete climate change in our home! Things aren't nearly as hot around here. (at least not inside!)Thanks for an excellent post!

  2. Great post...and I love Sheri's comment. Right on. I need an attitude adjustment myself. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. Lisa~


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