Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bring on the noise!

Our house is loud.  We joke, we laugh, we wrestle, we yell back and forth up the stairs.  It's just who we are.  There are days though that I fear I just may crawl out of my skin if I don't get a moment of quiet.  I send them to their rooms for a few minutes of nothingness, but I daresay they even breath loudly!

The kids are all spending the week at the farm with their grandparents.  Did you get that?  All four bambinos are somewhere else for the whole week.  They will come back filled with stories of adventure, loaded up on too much sugar and a little sunburned.  It is the best week of their year. 

So now I have the quiet I craved.  I have as much silence as I want.  I have freedom to do what I want to do, when I want to do it.  Today the only thing on my "to-do" list is getting a pedicure.  Sigh.  It has been a relaxing week, but here's the kicker -it's too quiet.

I cleaned everything on Monday, rearranged some furniture and fluffed the pillows. It's still perfectly clean, nothing out of place.  In the midst of raising crazy, amazing kids I craved a little silence.  I lamented the fact that five minutes after cleaning the kitchen it looked like a scene from Iron Chef.  Now that I have a dose of quiet, I realize the noise and the mess is what makes our home alive.  It's what makes it a home. Those are the stuff of memories. 

I don't think the grass is any greener on the other side of the crazy fence called "life".  It may be a little more quiet and even a bit more tidy, but it can't beat what we've got right here in our little patch of family.


  1. You're just sharing the joy of the "life" you have with Grandma. She will be glad for the noise to go back to your house by the end of the week. Lisa~

  2. My kids are all going to summer camp the last week in July. I imagine I'll miss the noise, too. But I will relish in the quiet for the first couple days. *wink*


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