Friday, June 3, 2011

Blast from the past

Got an e-mail this morning announcing homeschool skate day at a local skating rink.  Skating rink?  I didn't even know those still existed.  Needing to get the kids out of the house I announced, "Kids, we're going skating!"  Blank stares.

We arrived at the skating rink which had probably been around since the turn of the century.  The kids were skeptical to say the least.  "Are you sure this is safe mom?"  Ha!  Once inside I felt like I was in Jr. High all over again, from the once colorful faded carpet to the giant orange toe stoppers.  Oh my.

The kids looked like colts trying to get their legs under them, but before long they'd pretty much gotten the hang of it.  One thing I like about trying new things is the character issues that inevitably crop up.  One nameless child struggles with doing anything they are not immediately good at.  At one point his attitude was just lower than the limbo pole, but by the end of the two hours he had pulled himself up - literally and figuratively.

I don't think I'd been on skates since Jr. high, but was amazed at how quickly it came back. 

And then it happened.

The EPIC fail...or fall.

My skates got tangled up on a corner, my feet flew up in the air and over my head and I landed on my bum...hard.  Falling when you're 12 is one thing.  Falling when you're...well, older, is painful.  I don't think my wrists are quite broken, but suffice it to say typing is painful.  Go ahead and laugh...I did.  It was seriously funny.

The morning ended with You're the Inspiration, an old Chicago favorite.  If you're singing along to the song in your head right now then I know how old you are.  Isn't it the BEST?? 

The kids are already begging to go back next week.  We'll have to see how quickly I heal.  Painful?  Yeah.  Worth it?  Absolutely!


  1. We actually have a couple skating rinks down here. Popular places too. In fact, my oldest is going to a lock-in Sunday night the one of the rinks is putting on. (I cannot believe I'm letting my son stay up all night! But, he's earned it.) Our rinks also put on dance contests so the teenagers love to hang out there.

    I'm just bummed that my arthritis is so bad that it hurts for me to skate. (I've tried a couple different times.) It's hard to sit still when YMCA comes on!! :)

  2. Oh Angela I feel your pain! It is so funny though, how hard it is when we fall but when our kids fall we're saying, "Get're fine." LOL!

    I hope your wrists heal quickly and your kids get to go again.

    I wanna have you near me....I wanna have you hear me say-yay, no one needs you more than



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