Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life's little messes

Things have been busy around here, but that could probably be said for most households in America this month. I don't mind the busy so much, but what I do mind is the mess that seems to accompany busy. Ours seems to be especially bad on the weekends. We're out of our normal routine, spending time with Dad going here or there or just hanging out. As a result things seem to fall where they may...which normally means everywhere!

As I made my way groggily to the coffee pot this morning I realized that pretty much every room in the house is in disarray. OK, maybe disarray is a strong word. Some people would see it and go, "So what's the problem?", but I tend to like things in their place. The dishes from yesterday still adorn my counter. Books and blankets decorate the living room floor. The desk used by six people in the office hasn't a clean surface to write on and the dining room table holds an ongoing game of LIFE. If I let my tidy tendencies kick in, I might let it all bother me. Instead I realized through my sleepy fog that those are the things of life...not just the game, but the real deal. Each of those messes is a result of a family of six living life in this house. There will come a day when the kids won't be here anymore to lounge on the couch reading for hours, where there won't be too many dirty dishes to decorate my kitchen counter because the locusts (aka "children who are always starving") will be eating in their own homes and I'll be able to keep my office clean.

But it won't be the same. Dare I say I'll miss the mess? Yes. Yes, I think I will. Maybe I'll have to go over to THEIR house and make a mess. No, hopefully they'll have kids of their own to do that and I can just sit back, smile and enjoy.


  1. Love it sweet friend! I had the exact thoughts when I made my way to our kitchen this morning. Bethany started a gingerbread house late last night (after David and I were asleep) and her her gingerbread sides were scattered across the counters along with dishes the boys had used for late night leftovers. I love it when they are all home!
    Big Hugs for a Happy Memory Making Day!

  2. I love your banner! Sounds like you are making lots of memories at your home. Merry Christmas!

  3. I think about this a lot. Some day they'll be gone. It helps when I'm getting frustrated. {sniff-sniff} Lisa~


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