Monday, October 11, 2010

Random thoughts on camping

We went camping this weekend. Though we'd planned to stay until Tuesday, a sudden thunderstorm cut our time in the wilderness short. OK, so it wasn't exactly the "wilderness", but anything without electricity for plugging in my coffee pot is considered "uncivilized". We packed up the entire camp in the pouring rain. The most amazing part is that we all still had smiles on our faces when we were done. I was so proud of my family.

I am not exactly what you would call "camping material". My sweet husband says I'm a "glamper"...glamor camper. I can live with that. I will say I am learning to enjoy it for the sake of my family. They love it and I know we're making great memories. Hey, I still remember camping as a little girl and waking up to a tent full of water because the river we were camped next to suddenly flooded. Aaahhh...the memories.

So in honor of this weekend's adventure, here are my random thoughts on camping.

1. I can't go to bed with dirty feet. I don't care if I am camping. Yuck!

2. We were just far enough from the potty that we had to drive to get there. Emma and I took many a drive to that facility because of course ladies do NOT use a tree!

3. I think camping is easier if you're a boy. See #2.

4. Food tastes better when you're camping. We eat well when we camp. If I'm going to have to rough it, I will at least enjoy my food.

5. Apparently October in Oklahoma is Daddy long-legged spider mating season. They were everywhere. Eewww! Emma loved to say, "Bye-bye spider!" as she stomped on them. Stomp away sister! Thankfully the tarantulas kept their distance, or I would have been headed home much sooner. Double eewww!

6. I love electricity. Yes, I do. We did enjoy being unplugged from the entertainment aspect of things, but I missed some of my modern conveniences; mainly the aforementioned coffee pot.

7. Roasting marshmallows with my kids is one of my favorite things to do in the world.

8. Hot showers make me happy...very happy.

9. I could sit and look at the stars all night. I think I saw more shooting stars on this trip than I have my entire life. I am in awe. "The heavens declare the glory of GOD; the skies proclaim the work of His hands." Psalm 19:1

10. Sitting around the campfire with my family at night makes every single dirty, grimy second worth it.

Emma and I are off now for our post-camping pedicure. I do believe that girl is taking after her momma.


  1. I'm not always a huge fan of camping. I dislike mud quite a bit and I hate it when the tent leaks. But, if I can avoid those two issues, I usually do OK enough.

    Sounds like a great weekend was had by all with your family. Trips like that make the absolute best memories!!

  2. A post-camping pedicure. Sounds great!
    Looking forward to that might help me get through the other stuff of camping. LOL!
    Glad you had a good time.

    And I will admit to having fun when we have gone camping. It's just, well, I don't like camping. *sigh*

  3. The only thing I hate about camping is the packing. Good grief! You have to pack up your whole house. And then the kids want to know if we can take the bikes, scooters, board games, pack of playing cards, fishing poles, frisbees, balls. . . .
    Wouldn't it just be easier to pitch a tent in the backyard?

    Other than that, I really do like camping. :)

  4. Funny! I don't camp. Ever.

    My boys will sleep outside in this kind of weather. I will sit out there with them until late in the night. Then I go inside where my bed is waiting and they sleep out there with the bugs. Why do they delight so in peeing outside. It's definitely a guy thing. Lisa~


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