Monday, September 27, 2010

C-a-t spells dog?

If you've ever taught a little one to read you know how exciting and frustrating it can be at the same time. One day they seem to sail through and the very next day they can barely sound out c-a-t. For the teacher it is a lesson in patience to be sure.

As I sat with little Emma today and listened to her struggle to sound out words that just last week she read fluently, I thought about my relationship with scripture. How often do I read something and really "get it", only to stumble on that same principle the next moment? I read and memorize scriptures on patience, only to become impatient with my kids. I meditate on the joy of the LORD, then turn around and grumble. As Emma practices her reading every day, she will become a better reader. As I practice looking more like Jesus every day, I will become more like Him.

I'm so thankful He is patient with me when I stumble. Remembering His patience helps me to be more patient with Emma on those days when c-a-t comes out d-o-g. She'll get there and hopefully, so will I.


  1. Very cool comparison, I really like that. I was at my niece's shower the other day and one gift was a baby blanket with her baby's name "Ivy" appliqued on it. As my niece held it up, one the the attendee's little girls, too young to read, walked up to it and, pointing to the letters one at a time,said "I...V...Y"..."Blanket". It was so cute. Your blog made me think of that so had to share

  2. Perfect. I love the comparison. Emma will get it, just as we are being completed. Thanks for the sweet reminder. That's what I love about your blog....I am always encouraged. Lisa~

  3. Hehehe, that was cute! How old is little Emma? Sometimes children tend to do that, they spells out something and relate it to their other personal experiences. Its quite a close link though, she's almost there! =P


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