Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thankful ramblings

This evening our family will be enjoying the company of our homeschool friends at this year's Back to School Luau bash. As I anticipate the fun, I'm in awe of what the LORD has done with our little loaves and fish. I never in a million years expected to be running a homeschool group. Nope. I never in a million years thought it would grow from eight mommies in my living room to over 50 families in two and a half short years. Nope. I never in a million years anticipated the incredible blessing of friendship that would come out of this group of ladies. Nope.

But thankfully GOD did. He dreams big that way. Sometimes I have trouble seeing past tomorrow, let alone into next week or next year. Guess that's why my kids beat me at chess. I can't anticipate past my next move, while they seem to be able to play out the entire match in their heads, knowing what move precipitates the next. I'm thankful I serve a BIG GOD that sees the BIG picture. I'm also glad He doesn't often tell me the big picture or I'm pretty sure I'd run screaming the other way.

It's been fun to watch Him grow something like this over time rather than striving so hard on my own to make things happen. I've done it both ways and I can tell you which one is an epic fail. His way is so...perfect. He brings just the right people, at just the right time, for just the right purpose. No forcing things to happen...they just do.

No real purpose to this post. Just a bit of thankful rambling.

Thank you LORD for taking our little loaves and fish and using them somehow in your BIG plan.

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  1. Amazing. I am seeing God work in my life much the same way. I wouldn't have imagined that He would grow me in the direction He has, but I am His vessel. Thanks for the encouragement. Lisa~


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