Thursday, July 1, 2010


So we're in Costco today and the itouch display captivated my kids attention. As we're standing there trying to keep the kids from drooling on the merchandise I commented to them all in no uncertain terms, "No, you're not getting an itouch...they cost $350! $350 times do the math!" Just then a man walks up with his little boy who couldn't have been a day over six. "Isn't this the itouch you have son?" Seriously? A six year old? Can someone please tell me what a six year old does with an itouch?

Of course then Emma pipes up, "Oh look Momma! A pink one! I want a pink one!"

"Honey, you're five. You don't need an itouch."

"Yes I do Momma. I like the pink one."

She has no clue what it does, but it's shiny and pink and she's pretty sure she needs one to carry around in her purse.

Our kids will never know a world without technology - ithises and ithats, texting, facebook and cell phones that do everything but their chores...although I'm sure there's an app for that too. I heard someone say recently that e-mail is becoming outdated. Wow. The exponential rate at which things are changing boggles my mind. Remember learning dos on those ancient green screened computers? That really wasn't that long least in my mind it wasn't. My kids tease me about our "old-fashioned" video games. Hey, Atari was cool and I could whip your fanny at Centipede!

Nope, there will be no i-anythings in this house...until Momma gets one first!


  1. Ahh, the technology battle... Thank you for visiting my blog today. You asked about where I got my dishes. The red plates are Waechtersbach (available at their website, amazon and sometimes Crate and Barrel). The star dishes are from Pottery Barn. They are usually sold at Christmas time but I am finding so many uses for them. The red ramekins are by Chantal. I have had them for years and I don't think they are available anymore except sometimes on ebay. Hope this helps! Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. I know it. Our older kids have i-stuff. But they bought it all themselves after proving they could care for them and not lose them. And they are adults; you can't stop it forever. But it is a keep the world out. You're doing a good job mom. Lisa~

  3. I understand completely. I am amazed at elementary students who have laptops. Yes...laptops with internet access. My poor children don't even have cable in their bedrooms. You can bet that Mitch is making sure that we don't get soft on that one with Nicholas. I really don't care if they feel deprived, they can go to therapy when they get older to get over it. :)

    The lines between no technology, limited technology, and UNlimited technology tend to move frequently. It's hard as a parent to continue to find those who are likeminded.


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