Friday, June 18, 2010

Moms weigh in

My dear sweet 13 year old son (yes, he's sitting right here) is insisting he doesn't get enough video game time. He is currently allowed to play 30 minutes a day...or in his interpretation, "I only get a measly 30 minutes a day!" [me biting my tongue to keep from inserting sarcastic comment here]

So what are the rules at your house? How much time do your kids get to spend on video games? What parameters do you have set in place to keep their brains from turning to mush?


  1. My son isn't old enough for me to say what we actually do, but if I have my way we won't have a video game console (unless it's something like a Wii that requires some physical activity).

  2. We only have a Wii and our kids are allowed to play one day a week during the time they would normally be having their quiet time, which is 1:00 to 3:00. So it's 2 hours, once a week. Each kid has a regular day. Like Noah is Tuesday, etc. That gives them a long period of time to play and no confusion about if they've played this week or not. If we are gone that day or something prevents them from playing, they don't get to make it up. They just lose that day. Lisa~

  3. According to my kids - they don't get to play enough either. We don't have a set schedule per se, but the Wii usually only comes out once every week or so. When out, they usually take turns playing for a few hours. It takes quite awhile to rotate through our three kids and several of their friends.

    We call it "media" or "screen time" in our house. TV, computer and video games are all lumped together in that category. And for the most part, I try to keep it at about 1-2 hours a day in the summer MAX! (I'd prefer only 1 hour, but I'm not disciplined as a mom sometimes as I do enjoy the quiet it offers.) They get a lot less during the school year much to their disappointment.

  4. Jed's rule is one hour a day--however he spends most of that hour "simming" (whatever that means!) If it's a wii game he's playing with his sisters I let them play longer (ya know, until the arguing starts!)
    My good friend let's her son play for as long as he reads--so if he reads for an hour--he gets to play for an hour. Of course, this is to encourage him to read more :)
    I like the idea of letting Jed earn his playing time--instead of paying him for chores or something....

  5. We have a Wii that hasn't been played in about a year or so. Other than that we have no games. My dc for the summer are allowed about an hour a week playing a computer game and that's about it;)



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