Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Decorating shout outs

I have a secret addiction (guess it's not so secret now is it?) to decorating blogs and let me tell you, there are some seriously talented bloggers out there. Here are three great posts I drooled over this week.

Savvy Southern Style on a Budget - Aliteration aside, the name alone got my attention. Her vintage nauticul guestroom makeover is absolutely Pottery Barnesque. Yes, it's a word...look it up.

Lisa at The Pennington Point is a new Texas blogging friend. I think we may be distantly related...or seperated at birth. Check out her latest painting project and prepare to be amazed. I was!

As always, The Nester got me thinking. Check out her post on "summerizing" your home. I love the idea of a beige/white/aqua blue scheme, but not quite sure how to pull it off without a major redo. Still thinkin'.

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  1. Hey! That's our piano! NEVER would have thought about painting it, but it did turn out awesome!

    Looking for ways to cool things down? Can't blame you!


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