Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Friday thoughts on funnel clouds and chocolate cake

Oh the weather outside if frightful...Spent the morning watching the sky for funnel clouds. Texas weather is never dull that's for sure. At least we got our science in for the day.

Ever sat down to blog, but all the topics rolling around in your head started to run together? I just attempted to write something that I'm sure had my son turned in for his assignment, I would have made him start over. Funny thing is that the topic of the post was organization. Ha! Yes, I'm aware of the irony.

Personally, I'm blaming my lack of cohesiveness on the weather and the Texas Sheet Cake cooling on my counter compliments of that Pioneer Woman again. Dang it if I haven't gained weight already! Between the cake and the fudgey frosting there are almost FOUR sticks of butter. No, that is not a misprint...four sticks, as in one POUND. I'm disgusted by it and yet I can't wait to sink my teeth into it. Sharing it with girlfriends will make it even better. I'll let you know how it if there's any question.


  1. I'm raising my hand for some sheet cake! Oh, this Texas weather fer sure! I was driving my son to basketball practice in it and prayin' the whole way we didn't end up in a ditch!

    Maybe a sheet cake is just what I need to take off the stress. :D Cute post! I found you on Karen's motherhood blog. :D

  2. *grin* Love the irony.

    When I was here a little while ago I saw that you just posted something new, but I had to go pick up my son. So now I'm back, and glad I came. Thanks for the giggle.
    And I haven't been working out regularly for the past month, or so. Busy, busy, busy! So I am not even going to THINK about that pound of butter and Texas Sheet Cake.
    But I might dream about it.

  3. A pound of butter split 18 ways = delicious when it comes with chocolate! Thanks for sharing!

  4. mom sent me a recipe for Texas Sheet Cake and raved about it. I'll have to dig that out.

    Come on over and visit sometime. (You can bring cake, if you'd like...)


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