Wednesday, April 28, 2010

While I'm waiting

Waiting - For the light to change. For the computer to boot. For the coffee to brew. For the letter to arrive. For the doctor to call. For the phone to ring. For the job offer to come.

The question is not will we wait, but HOW will we wait. Anxious or peaceful? Fearful or trusting? Angry or accepting?

Philippians tells us to be anxious for nothing, but instead to bring our petitions to Him with a heart of thanks. Then and only then will the peace come. Not just a bit of peace, but the amazing peace that passes all human understanding - the peace that makes waiting possible. The peace that allows us to worship and serve Him in the midst of our waiting.

That's the kind of waiting He wants. That's our offering to Him.


  1. Thanks Angela! I needed to hear this today as I am surely in a season of waiting.

  2. It's so hard sometimes. But the older I get the more I realize that the patience and trust in God is more important that the thing itself. Beautiful post. Lisa~

  3. Ah, yes!
    Wonderful things can happen in us while we're waiting.
    Love you and praying for you.
    *I think the cardinals have a nest somewhere in my yard.* :)


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