Monday, March 29, 2010

The road to Jerusalem

"...Jesus went on toward Jerusalem, walking ahead of his disciples." Luke 19:28

Jesus knows the religious rulers in Jerusalem want him dead and yet he doesn't allow the knowledge to deter him from his purpose. In fact, he recognizes the part they will play in the plan. He understands that what he came here to do will ultimately be fulfilled in Jerusalem in a matter of days. He faced it head on. He didn't shirk from his responsibility, but "went on toward Jerusalem"...towards the place he knew would bring about God's perfect plan. How many times had he walked that road to and from Jerusalem during the three years of his ministry? How many times had the crowds followed him, hanging on his every word? He must have known as he walked the dusty road that those same crowds would soon be calling for his death and yet he "went on".

He "went on toward Jerusalem" for me. He "went on toward Jerusalem" for you. His purpose in coming was being fulfilled with every step. Every purposeful step towards Jerusalem was one step closer to the cross and the fulfillment of God's amazing plan of redemption.

Thank you Lord that with each step you took on the road to Jerusalem, you were thinking of me.

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  1. I wonder if He ever wanted to turn around and run away. He was perfectly faithful then, and so He will remain!
    And so we have HOPE.
    Thanks for these thoughts today.


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